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Healing Paws


A Comprehensive Guide

To Pet Reflexology

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The Power of Love & Touch

The power of love and touch can never be overestimated, especially when it comes to your pet.

Pets love you with their whole heart and soul and it is so important to love them back as deeply as they do you.

 The power of loving touch applied with knowledge and precision when addressing health issues can never be overestimated as well.

Reflexology is the path to glowing health and happiness in your pet.

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An Amazing Discovery

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A First Person Account of Reflexology for Pets


One day while visiting my sister, she told me that her dog, Muttly, a terrier/beagle mix, was suffering terribly with hip pain in his right hind quarter. Muttly was walking with great difficulty and often had to stand with his hind-right leg up for a moment before being able to gingerly put it down and continue.

My sister asked me if I thought reflexology would help him and I confessed I wasn’t sure.

Ancient Healing Art

What if you could heal with the touch of your hand? Sounds like a snake oil cure? Well, think again. I have been a reflexologist for forty years. In that time, I have seen many people helped by the wonderful healing power of reflexology. It is one of the most humble yet powerful modalities of the ancient healing disciplines. Paralysis, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, arthritis, liver and kidney problems, heart problems, headaches and even certain cancers have responded to its healing touch.

How it Works

Mammals are not only physical and spiritual manifestations. We are also electrical beings. It is through the body’s neurological system that every function of our anatomy is controlled. When something disrupts the flow of this biochemically-produced electrical current, the particular organ or part of the body stimulated by the neurological line of transmission falls out of balance. It becomes diseased.

Reflexology Pet Points

As noted before, an animals physiology is identical to humans. Understanding that an animal’s neurological system and anatomy are almost identical to humans, one can map the reflex points for an animal in a similar fashion as one would for a person. The toe pads represent the points in an animal’s head: the eyes, ears, brain, sinuses, teeth, tongue, pituitary gland, etc.


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Never underestimate the power of a loving touch. Just ask Wendy and her Golden Retriever Floyd enjoying the wonderful benefits of Pet Reflexology. Happy is as happy gets!

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