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Hi! You Want to Play?

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Every pet loves to play.

Young dogs and kittens love to play. It's their way of communicating and bonding with you in special way.

Do they want to tussle? Play fight? Engage you in a tug of war? Chase a beam of light from a laser? Fetch a thrown ball? Catch a Frisbee?

They just love to play.

Dogs want to socialize. One of the most fun things for a dog to do is run at a dog park. When they are playing with their own kind, running back and forth with happy abandon, it's easy to see the joy on their faces.

They smile. Just like we do. With those silly grins with their tongues hanging out. Pure happiness.

Cats love things they can chase. They never lose the hunting instinct. Young cats are naturally curious and adventurous. Bring out the toys, the catnip,

And when you play with them you get to play as well. Play is a healthy part of our existence and lucky is a grown up who plays with their pets. Like being kids again.

We love to play games. Play golf. Play basketball. Play Poker. Play Scrabble. Play music.

And especially, play with our pets.

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Dorothycornel RealEstate
Dorothycornel RealEstate
Mar 27

Dogs are beloved domestic animals, and dog lovers are seeking the best real estate agent in Edmonton to find homes that accommodate their furry friends.

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