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Healing Paws

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The touch of an experienced and caring veterinarian upon his or her animal patient, the touch of an owner upon their four-legged and grateful pet they call friend, the touch of a devoted and loving dog or cat upon their privileged owner, all can very often bring about profound healing.


The touch of love and emotion is powerful medicine to the soul of any creature. The strengthening of the spirit of any individual, be they human or animal, can work wonders in restoring physical health. It should not surprise us then that touch, the most ancient of all therapies, can be scientifically and skillfully applied to the support and healing of dogs and cats.


Many new alternative areas of healing have recently opened up to veterinarians. Acupuncture, chiropractic and herbal medicine have all come to the fore in the continuing effort to deal with frustrating and debilitating disease syndromes.


Pet Reflexology describes a truly hands-on and noninvasive approach to dog and cat holistic support and treatment through the simple and basic act of touch and massage.

Our book "Healing Paws" will show you the way to better health and glowing happiness for your pet.


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