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The Miracle of Refexlology

What if you could heal with the touch of your hand? Sounds like a snake oil cure? Well, think again. I have been a reflexologist for forty years. In that time, I have seen many people helped by the wonderful healing power of reflexology. It is one of the most humble yet powerful modalities of the ancient healing disciplines. Paralysis, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, arthritis, liver and kidney problems, heart problems, headaches and even certain cancers have responded to its healing touch.


Reflexology is based upon the principle that there are specific points on the feet and hands, which correspond to every part of the body. When pressure is applied to those points, health is achieved. As awed as I have been by seemingly miraculous recoveries through reflexology with humans, one cannot imagine my joyful surprise to discover that reflexology also works on our cherished, furry-family members.


You've seen that look on your pets when they are sick or in discomfort. Adorable, sad eyes searching yours for some relief from their pain. Who would have guessed that a simple touch could give much-needed relief to your fuzzy friend? So little had been written on the animal connection, that I had glossed over this concept and focused only on the ailments of people. That was until I treated my first "non-human" client!


The experience left me in absolute awe of the power of Reflexology and the fact that it can be applied to pets as effectively as humans. My pet client responded so quickly to the treatment that it almost seemed impossible. But yet, the proof was right there in front of me. It works on pets and the positive effects just can’t be denied.


So read on and learn how you too can apply this simple healing technique on your own pets. The power of Reflexology awaits you. So order your Healing Paws Method book today and help your pet heal and stay healthy!

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