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Mammals are not only physical and spiritual manifestations. We are also electrical beings. It is through the body’s neurological system that every function of our anatomy is controlled.


When something disrupts the flow of this biochemically-produced electrical current, the particular organ or part of the body stimulated by the neurological line of transmission falls out of balance. It becomes diseased.


When blockage of this energy occurs and the electrical flow is impeded, the nerve endings, which correspond to the diseased or distressed part of the body, become sensitive. The Reflexologist tries to locate these points and gently stimulate them with finger pressure. This breaks up the congestion and allows the energy to flow more freely.


Reflexology has been around since at least 4000 B.C., as depicted in the tomb of Ankhmahor in Egypt, titled in English "The Tomb of the Physician." A servant is applying Reflexology to the king.


The king worries “Do not let it be painful,” to which the practitioner answers cryptically "I do it so that you will praise it."


Depictions of reflexology in ancient times can also be found in China, the Mayan culture, Ayurvedic traditions, Indian traditions and in many other ancient cultures.


Reflexology is simple, safe and extremely effective. Yet, no one is actually 100 percent sure how it works. There are different theories and opinions but the best explanation I’ve heard is that Reflexology is like pushing a button on an elevator – when you press it, the elevator gets you to your desired floor.

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