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Did You Say "Vet?"

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

The Dreaded Visit

Pets, like people, can sometimes hate going to doctors or veterinarians. Who could blame them.

For people it's the nervousness of dealing with white coats, injections, x-rays, etc. For the pets it's also a time of stress.

Some pets can sense the passing of other dogs or cats and react with great stress and fear to the sights and smells of the veterinarian's office

One way to reduce the stress of the visit is with Reflexology. By rubbing the center of middle pads of the paws, any paw you can reach; and holding it during the ride and while at the vet's, you will do a lot to alleviate your pet's angst.

Click o photo above and order your copy of Halig paws method today and learn all about pet reflexology!

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