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Physiological Similarities Between

Animals & Humans

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An animal’s nervous system is almost identical to that of a human’s, as noted by Thomas W. Jenkins in his book Functional Mammalian Neuroanatomy. The similarity between animal and human physiology lays a foundation for the concept that reflexology will work through an animal’s nervous system as easily and in the same manner as it does in humans. In fact, it might work better!


The American Veterinary Medical Association has recognized the value of acupuncture, which works on the same principles of balancing vital life-force energy as does reflexology. Scientific documentation of the effects of acupuncture, according to Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats, attests that acupuncture can contribute to the alleviation of musculoskeletal problems, slipped disks, arthritis, skin diseases, allergies, diarrhea, vomiting, paralysis, respiratory problem and a variety of illnesses that plague dogs and cats.


Basically, reflexology is like acupuncture but without needles. While one modality needs to stimulate certain meridian points throughout the body with needles, the other only requires gentle pressure to points on the hands or feet where your neurological wiring from your brain ends. Either through reflexology or acupuncture, the results are always a benefit to the host.


It's biological symmetry the way the organs of an animal and a human are designed and placed. When a dog or a cat is stood on their hind legs you realize just how similar the placement of their organs is to that of ours. Meaning in descending order: the head, the neck, the lungs, the heart, the kidneys, digestive organs, eliminative organs, etc. Reflexology affirms our biological connection to the animal world because it works on pets as well as us.


Consider the fact that our pets suffer from the same maladies we humans do and the connection becomes even more apparent.

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