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I'm Ready to Love You!

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Pets In Need of Adoption

One of the most devastating experiences a pet can go through is being separated from their owner; next to being taken from his/her litter mates when the time comes.

Abandoned dogs and cats, pets whose owners die and must be put in kennels and up for adoption, pets just left in the streets to die, all of these unfortunate creatures, need a loving home.

Many people live their lives alone. Independent and with no families to provide that sense of kinship.

A pet does that. Suddenly, the lonely person is no longer lonely anymore because of the love and attention a pet brought into the house brings.

No one listens to you better than a pet.

If you are alone, lonely and need a friend, visit a pet adoption center and get one.

And if you have kids and it's the right time, get them their first pet. Children and pets go hand-in-hand. Give them great memories they will take into adulthood.

Order your copy of healing Paws method today and learn how you can help your pet with pet reflexology.

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