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Understanding that an animal’s neurological system and anatomy are almost identical to humans, one can map the reflex points for an animal in a similar fashion as one would for a person.


The toe pads represent the points in an animal’s head: the eyes, ears, brain, sinuses, teeth, tongue, pituitary gland, etc.


The main pad below the toe pads would represent the chest, lungs, heart, kidneys, pancreas, spleen, and digestive organs, depending on what part of the pad you were working on.


The upper part of the pad would reflect the upper organs such as the lungs and heart. The middle of the pad would reflect the stomach, kidneys, adrenal glands and stomach. The lower part of the pad would correspond to the sex glands and digestive organs.


As with reflexology charts for humans, the exact locations of the specific reflex points may vary according to an individual’s physiological makeup. If you look at ten different reflexology charts for humans, you will note that there is always a slight variation as to the exact location of points. The points are never exactly where the chart indicates but only in the general vicinity.


Therefore, it’s always best to apply what I like to call the “number one rule of reflexology.” If it hurts, rub it!

So order your Healing Paws Method book today and embark on a wonderful healing journey with your beloved pet.

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