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Love Me The Way I Love You

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Hi! My name is Arctic. Like my doggy friend Muttly, I too can type. It will be a while before my humans get hep to it. So I get on the computer whenever I can and meow it up.

And trust me, it ain't easy having to type one letter at a time with pointed claws.

If you are wondering why our humans don't become suspicious, every one knows we pets communicate telepathically. So Muttly and I put a thought into them that when they wake up and read what we wrote, they think it was they who wrote it.

I'll start by saying I am the proud owner of two humans, a male and a female.

The male is a pushover and serves me without question each time I let him know what I want. He is obedient and easy to steer with a few rubs on his legs with my tail.

The female is onto me. She knows I have her man wrapped around my little dewclaw. She takes no sass. But she gives me great rub downs every night in front of the TV.

Generally I don't like the bottoms of my paws rubbed. It makes my claws want to tear and rend.

But there was this one time when I got hurt and I let him do his thing.

I was out prowling around the back yard when I was attacked and picked up by a huge bird.

He got me from behind but as we gained altitude I managed to turn around enough to get my hind legs under his stomach. I ripped it's guts out with my back claws. He let me go and flew away screeching.

We were pretty high up and I hit the ground hard. I could have fractured a rib but my humans, when seeing me all banged up, went right to work taking care of me.

The female wiped the blood from the gashes made by the bird's talons and extracted any debris clinging the wounds and my fur.

Later, I went against my feline nature and I let the male human rub my pads. It actually felt good. He said the spot he was rubbing connected to my rib cage. I think it helped me purr out for the night.

So in a pinch I would recommend Reflexology for all my furry friends out there. Convince your human to pick you up a copy of Healing Paws Method.

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