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The Power to Heal is at Your Fingertips

The beauty of Reflexology is that it is so simple to use and apply. All it takes is gentle pressure on specific spots on the hands or feet of humans or on the paws of dogs and cats.


Once you know where to press to address specific ailments or achieve relaxation all you have to do is locate that spot and press it for a small amount of time and the desired results of good health and healing are achieved.


In the video below the pet’s human is applying pressure to the top of the paw with their thumb, where the reflexology points for the lymphatic system are located.


You work on those points when the host is suffering from too many toxins in their system or has any kind of an infection.


It’s so easy and so simple anyone can practice it. Just press the point, rub it and all your pet’s troubles and ailments disappear!

Never underestimate the power of a healing touch upon a loving pet.

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